Stating the obvious

Outside the office this morning.

Good Vibrations

This is a lovely piece of direct marketing from GGRP to demonstrate their sound engineering capabilities. It’s a record player made from corrugated cardboard and needle, you simply pop a 7″ on and push it around with a pencil and the vibrations travel through the needle and are amplified by the cardboard, genius!

Depiction Lab

Depiction Lab is a design consultancy set up by two very good friend’s of ours, Matt & James, their brand spanking new website was launched last week and it looks every bit as good as their work does. As a company they design branded environments across the retail, commercial and leisure sectors. The work shown below is of their latest project for audio-visual brand KJ London for their new flagship store in the West end, the visuals are in fact computer renderings rather than photos, which is a mistake I have to admit I made when first looking at them, good work chaps. Visit to discover more.

Splendid Urban Outfitters Offer

Our lovely friends at Urban Outfitters are offering up free delivery on online orders over 50 squids, but be quick as it only lasts till the end of the week!

Still Life?

This actually freaked me out a bit when I first saw it, Washington based artist Alexa Meade uses real people as her canvas and paints them to make them look as though they are painted if that makes sense?! At first glance the images look like lovely oil colours, but at closer inspection you realise that they are in fact real men and women, the giveaways are their hands, eyes and hair, but that’s it, it’s a really cool idea and one of those that you say, ‘why didn’t I think of that!’. Check out more amazing work on her site as these are just a handful.

Killer Bristols, the name of this site kind of speaks for itself, but basically budding young artist upload their pictures of old pin-ups with lazer beams shooting out their nipples, very pointless, but fun none the less!

Move Over Nintendo

Here is the 1st picture of Sony’s answer to the mighty Wii, sorry it’s a bit on the low quality side, but it’s all i could find. It’s been officially named the Playstation Move which is released in the fall (autumn to us british folk) and will be priced under $100 (again, around 70 quid to us). Check out the link on to see a vid of it in action!


Serbian based designer/inventor Damjan Stanković has come up with some amazing products to deal with some of the little things in life that can piss you off a bit. He’s created a traffic light that tells you how long you have to wait through to a fork that helps you eat your spag bol! Very clever indeed, please check out more of his ideas at Relogik.

i Wood

These beautifully crafted earphones are by Thinksound, there are more little masterpieces to see on there site.

Float On

The Fadeout Chair is by Japanese Design firm Nendo.

Broken Bells

The debut collaborative album from The Shins frontman James Mercer and Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse), lovely haunting, dreamy, synthy melodies, have a listen if you fancy something a little different!

The Quiet Revolution

The artwork below is all by Claire Scully, absolutely beautiful, nature inspired stuff. See more at

Diana Mini

Lomography have released a lovely mini version of their ever so popular Diana camera. It takes the usual 35mm film and pumps out retro square pictures, but at a flick of a switch you can make it produce cool half size photos so you can get an amazing 72 shots per reel! If you want one of these beauts they are available at Urban Outfitters and these fantastic people are also running a comp to win one plus a hundred smackers to spend online, you cannot say fairer than that can you? Click on the link to enter.

Eye in the sky

These amazing images of London form above have been around for a couple of years now, but they’re still very impressive! Check out the whole set at

Brolly Good!

London Undercover make a range of quirky London inspired umbrellas. Their design patterns range from fish & chips through to pinstripe suits, there’s one for any city worker whether you’re a market trader or a stock broker, so go grab yourself one for the British summer which is no doubt going to be another wash out!