Thread Portraits

Kumi Yamashita has created these stunning artworks using only nails and thread – whatever next!

Aerial by Debombourg Baptist

Aerial is a site-specific installation piece by French artist Debombourg Baptist which examines the idea of togetherness within something broken. The piece is made from over two tons of glass, wood and nails and took over 420 hours to create.

Speaking about the piece Baptist said, “Destruction, like construction, is a human expression and a paradox of life because it is can be both good and evil. My personal point of view is that destruction is inevitably linked to repair.”

Serpentine Pavilion 2012

This year’s Serpentine pavilion, designed by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Beijing national stadium architects Herzog & de Meuron, will take visitors below the lawn of the London gallery into an underground maze of contoured cork, hidden under a watery roof. It is the twelfth commission in the gallery’s annual series and will form part of the London 2012 festival.

Britweek LA Art Battle

To celebrate the BritWeek T4C Artists Competition Closing Ceremony, BritWeek hosted Art Battle LA, paying homage to the 2012 Summer Games’ theme on sustainability and its overall spirit of unified competition across borders.

This special event featured a live Art Battle between four notorious names in the London and Los Angeles street and graffiti art scenes. Two UK artists (Inkie/Eine) and two LA artists (Mear One/Man One) went head to head in the spirit of unified competition. Battle was brought to the historic arts district core of Downtown Los Angeles. Audience members were given the opportunity to view the Art Battle live throughout the evening with artists painting one-of-a-kind designs onto recycled furniture pieces by globally acclaimed furniture designer Christopher Guy and Jaguar hoods.

The overall winner was declared as Man One from LA, but the people’s choice award went to Inkie, who created the rather fetching black and gold hood below.

All images by Rex Gelert

Paige Smith ‘Geodes’

Some stunning work from LA artist Paige Smith…

Eclectic Collection

Spotted at maison et objet 2012. the entire body of works form Tom Dixon’s new ‘eclectic’ collection is the fair’s best kept secret, as images have not officially been released to the public.

Made from solid aluminium with either a copper plated finish or a black powder coating, ‘cast shoe’ features details such as creases from wear and decorative perforations.

things that are to play with or give or use everyday, things that are designed and are undesigned, things that are… eclectic.’

Dixon is currently in discussion with international manufacturers regarding the production of the pieces, with hopes of going public
before september 2012. A snazzy addition to any wardrobe or art collection!