Jube Customs

Amazing bikes from Jube Customs, who’s specialty is remodelling beat-up fixie bikes from the 70s and 80s with fat wheels and custom graphics…

And there’s even one for the kids…


Cyclepedia is a new book by architect Michael Embacher, showing off his collection of stupidly cool rare bikes. A-mazing.


New wheels…

cycloptic cycling

The Cyclotrope from tim Wheatley on Vimeo.

new bespoke luma online store


chromatic guide

online luma coming soon…


candy bars.

Some lovely candy handle bares form custom death spray. http://deathspraycustom.com/index.php?/selects/candy-bars/

LUMA x McFaulStudio signature bike

Created for the Bespoke:Creative show back in October 2010, and soon to be the weapon of choice for a certain high profile London cycle messenger, this is the LUMA x McFaulStudio signature fixed wheel based on the cityscape graphic and colourway highly visible throughout the LUMA brand. LUMA’s excellent Columbus frame and some choice bits n’ bobs here and there including a rather natty snowflake spoke pattern that I thought I’d add for a period look > pretty cute all in all.Nice work Mr McFaul.

London – Velodrome at the Olympic Village

Apparently on schedule. Cant wait to see finished and ready for action.

candy cranks


boneshaker mag.

If you like bike then you will love this. http://www.boneshakermag.com/ http://www.boneshakermag.com/blog/

on ya bike!

Watch this, its amazing…

paul smith & ralpha

Paul Smith’ssophisticated collection brings together the design flair of Paul Smith with Rapha’s trademark innovation and performance. The range has been created for all-day riding with the direct input of Sir Paul himself. “The freedom of the open road”, a motto in Sir Paul’s own handwriting, is embroidered on key pieces.http://www.paulsmith.co.uk

nice stuff…

Just some nice stuff i found…