Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado

Referencing the rare black diamonds in Africa and Brazil, the Carbonado is quite something. It’s being presented in Geneva and only 6 are being produced so you’ll need to move fast!

Audi City

Audi City has just opened its doors in London, right down the way from Piccadilly Circus and a stone’s throw from the Summer Olympics park.

Trying to sidestep lumbering showrooms, the Audi City aims to create a sleek retail experience within an urban setting that’s tight on space. The rows upon rows of physical cars are replaced by maybe one full size vehicle…the rest is created by you.

Virtually build your perfect Audi, customise every detail…then take your USB to the nearest dealership to buy.

Lyonheart K

This beauty, designed by Robert Palm, is the Lyonheart K. The inspiration for it clearly stems from the Great British E-Type Jag, but when Enzo Ferrari names it “The most beautiful car ever made”…well you know you’re on to a winner.

Scalextric goes 007

Unfortunately not all of us can afford a classic DB5, however Scalextric is allowing us to be one of the coolest cats in the plauyground by releasing a special edition James Bond version of the cult favourite. The collection includes the Aston Martin DB5s from Goldfinger, GoldenEye, and Casino Royale, as well as a set celebrating the upcoming release Skyfall, which includes a DB5, a Range Rover, and a figure 8 track.


So damn pretty.

Lamborghini Aventador J

Very few words needed to describe this little beauty.

Lamborghini pretty much stripped everything out that might make your journey more comfortable: GPS, air conditioning for one end goal, speed. Powered by the same 700-hp 6.5-liter 12-cylinder as the standard Aventador, the all-wheel-drive J is capable of speeds over 300 kph (186 mph).

Oh, and it is available to buy.

BMW i Concept


Chemical manufacturers BASF and technology innovators philips have just developed a form of OLED technology for car roofs that functions as both lighting and a sunroof, capable of also integrating with solar cells to generate its power. the design turns some of the features showcased in BASF’s ’smart forvision’ concept, presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, into a practical possibility.

The system is transparent when the lighting is switched off, but provides warm-toned interior lighting at night. Its hexagonal shape offers interesting design possibilities, while the high efficiency of OLED lights means that all required energy (plus additional electricity for the vehicle) can be obtained by including transparent solar cells in the modules.

via designboom

Ferrari Xezri

Ferrari Xezri is the amazing vision of Samir Sadikhov from Azerbaijan, it won 2nd prize at the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011. The design was based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. He was also inspired by wind, he named the concept Xezri, it is derived from the name given to the wind passing through the eastern part of the Caspian Sea, the largest lake on earth. Pretty swish.

Volvo Tundra Concept ‘79

… which you might know today as the Citroen BX. Volvo actually rejected the Bertone design and it ended up in Citroen’s hands, which tweaked it a bit to become the BX you know and love.

Mercedes Bent

Made by the casually named Hot Rods and Custom Stuff tuning shop in Escondido, CA the Mercedes Bent started life as a 1961 190SL found unloved in a garage in Arizona; and a 2004 SL600 which had just 10,000 miles on the clock and a single scratch on its bodywork.

Keeping it casual.

ferrari 612 gto!mg!

Honda at the Frankfurt Motor Show

We’re loving Honda’s style!

Mercer Automobiles

Who doesn’t love a 60s roadster? Especially when it looks as good as this!

This copper tinted beauty, the Mercer-Cobra Roadster, was designed by Virgil Exner, who’d previously conjured concepts for Chrysler and General Motors and was built on a Cobra chassis (hence Mercer-Cobra), with funding from the Copper Development Association (responsible for the sweet copper detailing)

Now, 46 years after it was first constructed, the Roadster has just been auctioned. Reports suggest it sold for somewhere in the region of $1.2m (£728k).

car crazy!

posh jerry cans…

Death spray do it again… Pimped up gas cans.