The Boneyard Project

The pima air + space museum (PIMA) is hosting ‘art from the boneyard’, a project curated by eric firestone, carlo mccormick,
leslie oliver and med sobio featuring several non-functioning WWII american military airplanes covered in the painted work
of contemporary artists. In ‘art from the boneyard: return trip’, a group of creatives travelled to a large resting space for planes in disuse, in order to complete the five massive mural paintings on the bodies of retired aircrafts.

Planes have always been seen as a giant canvas for artists and designers and the results are pretty spectacular!

Tom the Lion

We just had to share the Tom the Lion limited edition wooden-boxed CD!

Created by Daniel Mason of Something Else (and of no relation to our own Mr Mason!), the hinged lid of the wooden box is screenprinted with the Tom The Lion illustration by Konstantinos Gargaletsos. Inside are two CDs; one is the 13 track album (tracks from his two double 10″ vinyl EPs), the other contains a number of live recordings. A folded bible paper sheet contains all the lyrics and sleeve notes, pretty special.

If you want one, it’s available from Rough Trade!

You have to admit, it’s pretty sweet, almost as sweet as the music itself!

boats gone bannanas

one for lennon.

bad arse hard lego…

The mad men behind Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens(aka Barcelona’s Grey agency) have created a great viral marketing featuring LEGOS with drawn on “badass” tattoos. COol Legos. lovely

Slick Idea

Artist Anthony Burrill has produced a new series of limited-edition posters, printed in BP oil from the ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Profits go to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. The oil was collected direct from the polluted beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

This fantastic project was devised by Karen Corrigan and Grégory Titeca of branding agency Happiness Brussels. See more at

Skate Deck Totem

Absolutely loving this! Beautiful illustration and great idea from the guys at Pale Horse, check out their site for more crazy stuff like prints of Jesus in a wrestlers mask and tattoo colouring in books for grown ups, amazing!


RIDICULOUS TYPOGRAPHY RULES Submission for the Ridiculous Typography Rules book. What I find interesting about the rule GOOD TYPE STAGE IS INVISIBLE, is the idea that when text becomes image and the other way around. To find a design that intrigues and attracts attention, so it can force to read and becomes VISIBLE (readable)..

Hipster Hilter is parody site about Adolf Hitler. There’s a handful of satirical comic strips based loosely around the dictators life during WW2, it is slightly controversial, but funny all the same!

tape it up…


To help promote the release of Banksy’s DVD “Exit Through the Gift Shop” the man himself has given 3 original pieces of his work to HMV stores in London and Bristol, I can imagine the security is pretty tight around them otherwise they’d be exiting through the front door!

I am not an Artist

This is a crazy interactive ‘web comic’ was commissioned by Elisava School of design and created by Soon In Tokyo, an agency comprised of teachers and students of the school. It’s a short story about how painful the creative process of a designer can be, it’s pretty wacky and can’t be appreciated from the images below so have a go yourselves at, use headphones if you can!

Love is Enough

Beautiful tattoo I stumbled across on Flickr.

schools out for summer…

Brazilian artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (also known as ‘Os Gemeos‘) and graffiti legend Futura have just completed an 80-feet-high mural on the wall of a New York school.

Retro Social Media

Lovely ad ideas from 6B Studio.