“This Sony Ericsson experiential concept is a highly modular and innovative approach to retail. High impact graphics are easily interchangeable, enabling a fully customisable environment whilst retaining a consistent global design language.”

s.e from neil mason on Vimeo.

idea a day…

Our good friend Chas Bayfeild who is now famous for being on every radio station the U.K. has a great site. Idea a Day gives away one positive idea every day. The ideas are free to steal, use, share, whatever. There’s no copyright, they’re just out there to make the world a better place. http://ideaaday.org/

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Dangerous Dave does it again…

The Legend that is David Missen has won the tate’s winter warmer competition and it fits like a glove. well done David, lovely.

who’s doing it right…

Microsoft expo

Concept design for the Microsoft expo 2009.

MMMerry Christmas from us!

MMMerry Christmas 700

the absolute nuts…

this is amazing!.. jim introduced me to Sam the dirty old man today. his work is a bit special. http://www.samblunden.com/main.html mmmx



waffled up!


wrangler strangler

wranglerstrangler1see instore


this is the adi store at westfeilds


paul smith

lovely signage…



Check out the new installation by Kustaa Saksi at Nike 1948, it’’s all about the journey of Nike running shoes.


Vaio Selfridges Window

Selfridges Window