‘Soundmachines’, created by Berlin-based studio The Product for Volkswagen, translates the process of DJ-ing electronic music into a physical device, using optical recognition towards the live mixing of sound via cut-out and coloured discs. For an event promoting the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, the product collaborated with sound designer Yannick Labbé to develop three vinyl discs, each of which is connected to one track of an ableton live set.

Looks pretty slick.

Tom the Lion

We just had to share the Tom the Lion limited edition wooden-boxed CD!

Created by Daniel Mason of Something Else (and of no relation to our own Mr Mason!), the hinged lid of the wooden box is screenprinted with the Tom The Lion illustration by Konstantinos Gargaletsos. Inside are two CDs; one is the 13 track album (tracks from his two double 10″ vinyl EPs), the other contains a number of live recordings. A folded bible paper sheet contains all the lyrics and sleeve notes, pretty special.

If you want one, it’s available from Rough Trade!

You have to admit, it’s pretty sweet, almost as sweet as the music itself!

Skinny Love…

We had an amazing (understatement!) time last night watching Bon Iver play at the Hammermith Apollo, if you haven’t checked them out already they’re definitely worth a listen!

Even managed to pick up a cheeky vinyl…

Radiohead Remixes

The last set of remixes from Radiohead have been released today including collaborations with Jamie XX, Anstam and SBTRKT, to listen to all the remixed tracks visit

Wagamama combines food, art and music in new festival format. lovely!

check out the latest on or wagamama event! link to review. Festival experience Williamson and her team adapted the restaurant chain’s format to deliver a “memorable experience” to festival goers. It follows a three-tier structure: a counter-serve restaurant with open plan group seating; a digital interactive graffiti wall for customers to design; and a DJ booth.

“We decided to create Wagamama Lounge because the quality of food and its pricing at festivals is so often disappointing,” explained Williamson. “People talk about the memories they’ve had at festivals, and for brands to go to festivals they have to offer an experience, something of value, something that people will take away with them.

“As a brand, we have the ability to offer that experience and that memory. It was really important for us when we talked about festivals that we’d offer that, and not just turn up in a van. But also alongside that it was important to offer delicious food of the same quality that people are used to in our restaurants, but items that are easy and convenient to eat.”

steve gadd


breath out gig date…

Bit of a breath out week this week. No its not a joke! Breath out are playing on 1st of April. See you on the dance floor.

breath out EP is out today!

Breath out’s debut EP is available now from Art Is Hard Records. CLICK HERE TO BUY


peperami punk pop!

Nice idea for cd and packaging.

sing song.

Type in anything in and this will pull from various well known artists songs and sing your copy back to you.

Gorillaz the fall.

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vandroid has arrived…

A very good friend of mine Nicolas has just done all the creative for a new artist, the music rocks so watch out for them…

traverling music…

VINTAGE SUITCASE BOOMBOXES! ‘The BoomCase is a Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system that works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack. nice…

Interpol last night Brixton.

Neil and Paul at Interpol… last night Brixton academy.