Psychic Tees

Mother London have launched another great project – Psychic Tees, where 100 black T-shirts were given to Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Clare. She has channelled all her powers to predict the future of the as-yet-unknown wearer of each shirt, and this has been printed on each. Customers select a number with no guide to size etc and await the psychic’s verdict! All the proceeds from the project go to Age UK making it a worthy purchase, and who knows, maybe the prediction will come true!

Cavalier Essentials

Cavalier Essentials is a line of vintage products designed for the rugged, yet sophisticated gentleman. Cavalier was always briefly explained as–”If Steve McQueen carried a beat-up leather duffle bag on the back of his motorcycle; what would be in it and how would the products look?” This simple idea married an appreciation for lifestyle design and vintage accessories. All of the products possess a hand-made quality while responding to the modern influences of today’s culture.

Want. Happy Friday!

triumph motorcycles product prototypes

michael schoner

Some lovely projects from michael schoner check out his site there is some really nice work.

the domino effect.

The clock itself is designed as a loose approximation of adjacent domino tiles. The leftmost two sections together display the date:
the first tile represents the first digit of the day’s date (either zero, one, two, or three dots) domino effect.and the second draws the second digit from a grid of dots.

peperami punk pop!

Nice idea for cd and packaging.

less is more…

paper cuts…

pantone iphone…

Officine Panerai new shop

The new New york 645 5th Ave # 5 New York, NY 10022-5944, United States.

First Person Shooter

Some pretty amazing footage shot on the GoPro HD Hero sports camera, gnarly!

Skate Deck Totem

Absolutely loving this! Beautiful illustration and great idea from the guys at Pale Horse, check out their site for more crazy stuff like prints of Jesus in a wrestlers mask and tattoo colouring in books for grown ups, amazing!

solar puma…

Puma have just launched there new solar powered phone. very mmmlovely…

neck lace…

Tal Margalit and Ellia Nattel met while studying product design and decided to join forces and become Tickette . This design duo aims to offer unique products from a different point of view. Their products are fun, but also sophisticated and very trendy. The have launched two main collections – Word Charm  and Doodle Jewelry

chop chop!

This is the iPad Cutting Board.