Watch-shaped sticky notes

Never forget again! French designer Doriane Favre has created these clever watch-shaped sticky notes that wrap around your wrist for quick and accessible reminders.

New Era Christmas

We got a surprise early Christmas present this week in the form of these cool New Era and G-Shock watches, thanks so much to all at New Era!

Get yours here!

alessi watch it!

Deigned buy

want one! want one! want won!…

Hit List! : 1970’s Seiko. i have been looking on eBay so you might get lucky…

a time to get!..


watch it.

Yves Behar’s fuseproject design studio has developed a new conceptual watch for fashion designer Issey Miyake.

mark the time

Mark Newson’s new watch collection for

giz a call…

The LG GD910 3G Watch Phone brings a serious sci-fi vibe into your life. With a full touch screen, a built-in camera, a built-in speaker, Bluetooth, and a voice recognition system, this bionic gadget can play music, take photos, work as a diary and a scheduler, read back your text messages or make video-calls. And of course, it tells the time.